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Private Center Training

Workshops and Consulting


Papoose Landing offers you and your childcare staff the necessary knowledge and tools to perform at their best.


Our training programs will improve your center efficiency, boost revenue, and client satisfaction.  A well-trained team creates a common language, elevates skills, and ultimately leads to improved performance.


We provide on-site center training customized specifically to meet the needs of your operation.


Our trainer is an experienced professional who also provides consulting services and has real-world childcare knowledge of current center needs, issues and trends. Our sessions are interactive, collaborative and specific to your immediate needs.


  • On-site training is based on your specific data and customized to address your current issues

  • In-person classes are collaborative, engaging and feature interactive case studies and discussion

  • All training provides techniques that can be immediately applied in your operation




Customer Journey Mapping - Improve the Experience


To improve the customer experience, you first have to understand your customer’s end-to-end journey with your center.


Our customer journey mapping consulting and training show how to get into the hearts and emotions of your customers.


We can show you how to deconstruct the entire journey from your customer’s point of view. Once you understand their current journey, you can provide the service your customer expects.


Contact us for your personalized quote today.




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