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Clarification on Minimum Standard for Centers §746.1309(h), for Homes §747.1309, and for School-Age/Before & After School Programs §744.1309


"No more than 80% of the annual training hours may be obtained through self-instructional training. No more than three hours of the self-instructional training may come from a person reading written material or watching a video on their own."


This standard is intended to limit an individual's ability to claim training hours for going to the library (on their own) and reading a book on Child Development and claiming “X" number of hours or watching a documentary on child care (on their own), reading multiple articles in a child care magazine (on their own) and claiming excessive amounts of training hours.


Independent Study Learning should be developed with the rules in §746.1317 for Centers, §747.1305 for Homes and §744.1311 for School-Age/Before/After School Programs.


All training must include specifically stated learning objectives:


  • A curriculum, which includes experiential or applied activities;

  • An evaluation/assessment tool to determine whether the person has obtained the information necessary to meet the stated objectives; and

  • A certificate of successful completion of the training course.



 All workshops and training packages offered through Papoose Landing meet the requirements

above and would not fall into the 3 self-study hours mentioned in Minimum Standards.



As always, research your trainers and their offerings as they are required to meet Minimum Standards guidelines found in §746.1317 for Centers, §747.1315 for Homes and §744.1319 for School-Age and Before/After School Programs to ensure the quality of training is meeting or exceeding Child Care Licensing requirements.


In fact, Child Care Licensing provides helpful information as listed below:


"We recommend you:


• Ask the trainer to provide you with a résumé or vita showing relevant experience and education, or be certain you are obtaining training through reliable sources in the community who have verified the presenter’s qualifications for you;


• Make sure a trainer registered with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System Training Registry is actually registered and approved to deliver the particular training, and


• Ask to preview the materials before entering into an agreement to purchase any training.


Your preview should:


• Make sure the materials contain the information necessary to meet the stated objectives

• Look at the evaluation/assessment tool to determine whether the training is of sufficient quality, and

• Review a copy of the certificate your employees will receive to make sure it meets the standard §746.1329 for Centers, §747.1327 for Homes, and §744.1331 for School-Age/Before/After School Programs."

Our Training Goal is to help you reach YOURS

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