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In with the New.......

Well, sort of. I need to clean up my act, eat right, organize my office and home, get a senior graduated and off to college in the fall and write the lesson plans for January. But how can I resolve to rid my life of what is a perpetual list of stuff that bids my attention day in and day out? Isn't this just the mundane stuff in life that will always be here, year after year?

in with the new

I mean, it would be kind of ridiculous of me to write new year resolutions that don't even connect to our little village or the culture it radiates, much less what pulls my soul strings oh-so-tight. Believe me, it isn't the tasks that make me want to be better in the upcoming year.

So, for now, I am going to embrace the messy, crazy sometimes out of control human I am and keep on loving my babies and new acquaintances right where they are. And I hope they all will do the same for me when their turn comes.

But for the moment, as I step back into the realm of life, I come bringing a fresh air approach to how the child care life leaves no areas untouched, no hearts unchanged, and for now.....that is a really good thing! Hang in here with me for a bit, snuggle up with your favorite blanket, and I promise to share some of the most beautiful thoughts and vibes for ringing in your new year all merry and bright!

When (yes, when. Because we all have the "when") you find yourself stuck in the rut of reflection and can't see a light at the end of the tunnel, just know there are so very many of us swirling in this rut right along side you and we feel your pain. Don't let the rut dictate how you are going to marinate in the mantras of life that make your heart warm all over and gives hope to your dreams and goals that seem so far away. Here's how we are gonna rise up and pull out together.......

Stop the reflection. Yes, you heard me right. Stop that! I know we cannot forget what made this past year so difficult, yet we certainly can not let it rule the one coming up! When the unexpected turn of events drained the life savings right out of your world, how the profit turned less than a marginal return, or when every goal you set turned to pixie dust as turn of events swirled around, you just have to pick up and move forward.

In the life of this mom, turned small business owner all things child care, I can honestly say there are many ways to sink a ship and they all start with the wrong mindset. So, with that said, here goes my word for the day.

Close the book on 2017. That's right, slam that cover and put it on the shelf. Forget about it! Let it all go. If you are alive, still have your health, a little food in the shelf and a business to go back to in a few days, relax. Enjoy the few moments us caregivers, directors, and providers get and just soak in the moments with family, sneak in that nap, eat that special dessert.....relax.

You are already heading up and out of whatever you believe to be the worst scene of events this year may have created and what better way to celebrate the new year coming than to be surrounded by those you love?

After all, isn't it our peeps...our village that drives us to do what we do?

Much love and Happy New Year to you!

Mrs. Pamela

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