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Things are Changing in Child Care

Received this update today from Child Care Licensing. No need to panic. Changes in Professional Development have already been met if you have been taking your training with Papoose Landing.

Child Abuse and Neglect will now be referred to as Child Maltreatment. All training modules meet their requirements and your certificate will read "Child Maltreatment" from today forward.

Next big change. If your program transports children all employees who are transporting children must have a 2 hour Transportation Safety training. It now requires Directors to also obtain the training.

Time Frames within which Pre-Service, Pediatric CPR/First Aid, and Orientation to a program must be completed have changed.

All staff in child care programs, homes, centers, before and afterschool alike, must obtain Pediatric CPR/First Aid. If you have taken yours with Papoose Landing, you are already meeting these regulations.

Click the appropriate link below to get it straight from Licensing.

As always, if you have questions, I am happy to help.

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